The working diaspora for sure is trained in their own profession, but what matters is how often they are upgrading their knowledge to meet the market expectations. Chemical legislations, Acts and regulations are modernized and this, more or less is carried out with a global acceptance.

Those in direct association with the legal authorities or governing bodies are aware of the changes, but its percolation to the grass root takes enormous time. Instead, in many cases, it does not even reach that level. Industries and institutions having their own training and development cells might have a scheduled calendar for training their in-house resources or may delegate their people for external training or seminars.

In India, pharmaceutical and agrochemical industry players either have full-fledged regulatory departments or the required knowledge with good quality training programs & experienced consultants to successfully comply with the regulatory requirements. Whereas in chemical industry only handful industries have regulatory department of its own and there are many who are awaiting regulatory upgradation.

Worldwide there is rapid change in chemical management legislation including GHS and further many countries are drafting their own chemical regulation in line with the European REACH.

In order to improve and educate industry to compete globally, Trust House Solutions has carefully selected and designed high-quality training programs for all types of industry. We aim to upgrade industries regulatory knowledge and train them towards achieving regulatory compliances in a very cost effective manner.

The resources that have gained out of Trust House Solutions’ in-house training programmes are personnel from various functions: quality assurance & quality control, shop floor people at the manufacturing units, purchase department, packaging/logistics, marketing & sales personnel’s and decision-making authorities.

Trust House Solutions also conduct scheduled training programmes and invites interested delegates to upgrade their knowledge in the field of Global Harmonized System (GHS), Classification & Labelling (or EU CLP), identification and interpretation of the correct Hazard Pictograms and Hazard Class, read and understand Safety Data Sheet (SDS), how to prepare SDS (as per EU 830/2015), how to issue SVHC compliance under EU REACH, IUCLID 6 training, understanding of EU REACH and EU REACH-like regulations as applicable to Indian exporters to foreign countries, end application based regulatory standards and action that need to be taken up by manufacturers, how to search for chemical substances listing in global chemical inventory list, do’s and don’ts while manufacturing a FDA compliant product, and so on.

We can educate and train your resources on the following at the shortest possible notice in a fixed number of days, for your specific needs in addition to offering customized training programmes as per your requirement at your site:

  • Safety data sheet (EU 830/2015)
  • EU CLP classification & labelling
  • SVCH compliance
  • Analytical data for EU REACH submission
  • IUCLID 6 training
  • Understanding EU REACH
  • Understand EU CLP
  • Understanding EU REACH like legislations in Korea
  • How to search chemical inventory listing
  • How to issue and complete supplier questionnaire on regulatory matters
  • Identification and interpretation of the correct Hazard Pictograms and Hazard Class
  • All about produt regulation and relevant compliances

Customize training & skill development courses

If you are unable to locate the training program you are looking for; we recommend you to write to us specifying your requirement and our team will get in touch with you at the earliest in order to design & prepare specific training material for your organization.

Candidates who are looking for high stature in demand skills in the chemical regulatory area to improve their CV, please stay in contact with us at

Very soon, we are coming up with quality certificate courses to meet this requirement. After successful completion and grading, our extensive industry network and clients shall be happy to consider your candidature for a suitable opportunity.

Trust House Solutions look forward to be Your education/consulting partner to meet your global chemical regulatory compliances

We always say

“Learning is a continuous process; the more you share knowledge transparently, the more their concepts get cleared to support business growth.”