One should always have trust on their suppliers and, for this very reason, the market dealings are done smoothly and supplies are made to specification. However, there are cases wherein communication gap has led to the delivery of inconsistent material or below specification combined with spoiled relations.

This normally occurs as the buyer may not have adequate time to visit supplier factories, and educate them regarding the customized requirement or supplier may not be well-placed to carry out relevant testing and regulatory compliance to meet the specification.

Trust House Solutions has skills to conduct an interactive audit wherein we aim to educate the supplier, and at the same time, create awareness towards the importance of meeting the prescribed specification. This approach by THS has helped both the buyer and supplier and this by ensuring utmost confidentiality.

We always say

“An auditor is not an inspector, they are messenger who share knowledge and assist auditee in pulling up their socks to compete according to the market trends”