Fashion, fabric and textile are often looked upon by the society and recognition many a time is based on the tailor-made and ready to wear garments that make up the wardrobe. A lot of effort goes into the correct fabric, its texture, design & pattern and above all its aesthetic value and colour.


This industry requires environmental and regulatory compliance that is not just restricted to its manufacturing stage including dyeing and printing but is also applicable to the stages that include washing and colour fastness and light-fastness at the customer’s end.

Trust House Solutions has the in-house expertise to understand the right type of colorant that needs to go with your product in terms of regulatory compliance, factory audits and compliance towards EHS and that, which will help you fulfil the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) specification as well.

We always say

“You cannot inspire the world by what just you wear until your inner conscious allows you to wear it”.