Does your product comply with the SVHC? If it does, how do you ascertain? Are you aware of the already established SVHC list and how much more are going to be authorized (as on August 16 total 169 substances qualify under Candidate List of substances of very high concern for Authorization)?

Does your product warrant a testing from a third party lab, or in-house analytical investigation prior to the declaration as SVHC compliant product? Who all have to give such declaration and how?

The EU REACH legal text does not specify how compliance with the obligations regarding SVHCs is proven. Any correspondence between companies – and possible ‘declarations’ – can take any format that is convenient for the companies. Learn from THS how to produce self- declarations, customer communication as there are no specific test methods for the testing of SVHCs.

The choice of method is up to the expertise of the company’s test laboratories.

  • Who should attend this course : People from Quality, Purchase, EHS, product safety, service providers, and industry associations.
  • Program duration : 1 full day (10 AM to 5 PM)
  • Course deliverable :
    • SVHC formats to produce self-declarations
    • Substance identification using analytical techniques
    • Supplier request form towards SVHC compliance (used in supply chain)
    • Able to issue product SVHC certificate for pure substancesas well as mixtures
  • Location : open
  • Fee per participant : available on request + taxes (excluding other expenses related to travel & accommodation).

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