All regulatory submissions of substances are performed in full compliance with legal text of the countries chemical legislation and using a legal entity of our partners. This is done to ensure that all requirements are made available to valued customers as per current market requirements.

Trust House Solution provides all type of substance related registrations to relevant authority of the country using our partners including updates related to (M)SDS & Label as per GHS.

Our services cover various type of compliances towards chemical regulations in Europe, USA, Turkey, China, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Australia; and are also working very closing to be associated with other countries who are on the verge of releasing their EU REACh like regulations.

India being a signatory to Strategic Approach to International Chemical Management (SAICM), has an obligation to have a proper chemical management framework by 2020, and accordingly, inventorization of the chemicals needs to be taken up by adopting a holistic approach on priority for integrated, effective and efficient management of chemicals. India’s final draft national chemical policy’ 2014 talks about evolving a Chemical Management framework, that will include, inter alia, Inventorization of the Indian chemical sector, containing data on production, consumption, imports, exports, toxicological properties and classification criteria akin to Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling (GHS).

THS act as one point contact between the customers and provide all technical and theoretical awareness to meet regulatory compliance. We check, assess, evaluate, suggest customer, for corrections, modification, and rectification that need to be made in their submission to ensure all documents are submitted correctly to the concerned authorities. THS act as helpdesk to answer customer inquiries related to regulatory compliance.

Through our cooperation and close association with the customer, we remove all hurdles which normally occur on account of geographic time difference, company confidential data exchange, communication related issues, language barrier and obstacles that arise meeting each other one to one. We always meet our client’s relevant department to structure right compliance program in the view of current and future business plan.