You bring in the colours to the surface; in a way that a common man understand; to bring in more value to the product they buy and to get them embedded in print form through your quality inks. This for sure is a much-specialised sector and you have the best expert’s generating innovative ways to formulate products that are more technically sound and correct.


With Nanotechnology finding its way into the paint, coating and inks; manufacturers need to focus on Nanotechnology related regulatory requirements as well, for there is already in place Nano regulation in Europe. At Trust House Solutions, we understand the regulatory compliances of your raw material that goes into product manufacturing and also, when it ends up at various end applications for food & packaging, printing and automotive industries.

We can be your support to ensure all products placed in local and global market meets end application based regulatory compliances.

We always say

“Leave it to those people who can for sure be your right hand for things you are not sure off, trust them and move ahead for something innovative which are your skill.”