Onsite or Offsite

One probable reason for industries not having an in-house regulatory function or department is that they find it difficult to find the right resource and this could be attributed to manpower attrition rate. Due to the absence of regulatory function and resources in the market, in majority of cases, organizations have transferred such responsibility to R&D/Technical department, export or marketing department who are already occupied with their respective key roles & responsibilities.

Regulatory compliance requirements is increasing day by day and India too is about to set its own chemical control legislation. In this regards, an organization working towards zenith will not sit back and will look for opportunities where a win-win situation is set. It is here that we come in and play a vital role as your dedicated regulatory staff with no additional obligation on the company. Our regulatory support staff can be both on-site and off-site, providing an option to the industries to tailor make their scope.

THS works as your regulatory support staff to:

  • Manage chemical legislation compliance (EU REACH, EU CLP, US TSCA, Korea-R, China-R, Turkey-R, GHS…etc.)
  • Complete know-how to support quality regulatory submissions
  • Test data generation
  • Project management
  • Account/Client management
  • Authority communication
  • Key Benefits
    • No Risk of losing your resource to competition or elsewhere
    • No Risk of losing confidential business information
    • Reduced cost of compliance
    • No hiring expense
    • No loss of business due to non-compliance
    • Suitable for Regulatory Consultants & Organizations
    • Covers wide scope in regulatory compliance area

We always say

“For those who have decided to remain competitive, nothing can stop them for they may change their route to achieve their goal