Globally, development and growth are on a fast track. This brings in innovation and various niche products in the market. With technology and its use being made to protect employees and surroundings at large; there are also updates and drafting of various legislations or regulatory norms related to end application and/or for being eligible to sell materials through import or export in a safe manner to protect human health and the environment.

Here, we lay emphasis towards the continuous norms which get updated across the globe; and in particular, that improves the quality of components that may be chemicals, textile, plastic & plastic products, cosmetics or rubber and related articles.

Prime responsibility of the manufacturer is to ensure that they provide their direct customer and all the stakeholders in the supply chain with quality products.

Although, it is also the duty of manufacturers to be updated with the changes happening in terms of product regulation just like the end users are; they are not wisely positioned due to less engagement with regulation, rapid changes in chemical legislations worldwide, lack of awareness and unavailability of quality resources to handle such regulatory related compliances. Due to this, companies are forced to work each time and every time the eleventh hour and somehow meet the need of the hour.

Our Vision

To become the top most compliance solution provider & skill-development partner.

Our Mission

To fulfil regulatory compliance issues in a cost effective manner, share knowledge, grow client business by reducing risk and increase the stakeholder value.