Businesses worldwide are on a run looking for substances or products that are safe to use and are accepted globally. Most of the large enterprises operating worldwide are aware of the market requirement and have appointed qualified resources on the permanent basis and/ or on a consultation basis to advise management and business team towards the frequent chemical regulatory changes.

Such resources, advise the management cost implication these regulatory changes can have on their business in the regulated market and conclude strategies. This also could help purchase and sales force to negotiate in the supply chain, deriving at a commercial agreement to ensure adequate product pricing and profit margin.

Above scenario may not be true for a large number of industry players and in particular MSMEs (micro, small & medium enterprises) who have limited or no resources and are interested in growing their export business with full adherence to legal requirements.

The full adherence to legal requirement is a business issue, understanding the compliance procedures, its obligation, penalties and cost of compliance should be known to the company’s management for products they wish to place in a regulated market. It is highly recommended not to wait until last moment, proactive measures must be adopted to make right decisions and securing long term business.

With product stewardship being the key identifiers for buyers and sellers to stand out in the competition; product purchasing or to some extend even product sampling is now imposed with compliance declarations.

For every industry including chemical, electronics, leather, textile, paint, plastic, ink, coating, food and related packaging industry, Finished Material Goods, FMCG’s, etc.; to be in business, it’s essential to place in market a regulatory compliant product regards to their country of export and as per specification of end application.

It’s has been proven that the intervention of a trained consultant supports management in decision making, improving workmanship, QA/QC, purchasing, logistics, manufacturing, and environmental & safety in the factory.

Trust House Solutions feel proud that our team had successfully framed and executed several assignment as management consultant towards company key support functions (purchasing, sales & marketing, EHS, manufacturing, logistics) . One of our assignments with a leading dye and intermediate manufacturing company which is a sister concern of a major group company, where we played a vital role in they getting an international certification from ETAD and also blue-sign.

Under our management consulting services, we deliver to quality the following:

  • Product basket analysis
  • Business market analysis
  • Regulations applicable
  • Strategy planning
  • Organization development
  • Training & Education
  • Hiring
  • Service provider selection and acquisition
  • Regulatory compliance budget estimation
  • Regulatory compliance management
  • Product documentation (dossiers, SDS, labels, product literature, test data…)
  • Sourcing & Procurement
  • International marketing/business development
  • Regulation Monitoring
  • Legal support
  • Technical support

We help industries understand their performance in their functions and provide forward path for sustainable improvement.

We always say

“You are an expert in product manufacturing and nobody knows it better than you, whereas regulatory compliance is our core area. Leave it to us and or hire adequate resource for the same”