Both natural leather and goods/articles prepared out of synthetic leather are placed in the market. There is demand for these products that depends not only on the geographic regions but also, on the end user. These products are available in shapes, sizes, colours and shades of our choice but have to pass through stringent regulatory conditions.


With the market open for global business, the geographic location of a manufacturer makes a less significant impact, and more emphasis is laid to meet the global regulatory compliances.

For sure, some of the concerns of the end-user would be the presence of heavy metals, toxic compounds and or colourants that could give rise to discomfort upon use. Trust House Solutions has a team of professionals who understands end-application based regulatory requirement as well to safeguard the need of Finished Marketed Goods and those that of manufacturers.

We always say

“A sustainable presence is more relevant than creating a position by placing less compliant product in huge volume.”