On 30th April 2013, the Korean REACH (The Act on the Regulation and Evaluation of Chemicals) was cleared by the Korean national assembly, and it came into force w.e.f. 1st January 2015. Under this regulation, in 2015 a list of 510 substances were identified as Priority Chemicals and are termed as PEC (Priority Existing Chemicals). The PEC list will continue to grow under current regulatory program of K-REACH implementation. Furthermore, substances will be added to this PEC list and will give an adequate period for its registration.

Chemicals falling under the list of PEC have to be registered under the Korean REACH within the stipulated time period of 3 years (by 2018) from the date REACH came into existence in Korea.

There already exist in Korea, its own Chemical Inventory List. The products that are manufactured or imported into Korea should be listed on the Korean Inventory List and should be deemed to have a KE number. For the substances not listed in the Inventory list, are considered to be new chemical substances as per Korean regulation; and for such chemical substances, immediate registration is a must before placing such substances into Korea.

South Korea's Ministry of Environment(MoE) has now proposed Revision to the Act of Registration and Evaluation of Chemicals (K-REACH). Update to this will be available on their official website.

Registration under K-REACH is applicable for all substances manufactured or imported into Korea for more than 100 kg/year.

Although it is the responsibility of the Korean entity to comply with the K-REACH regulation, the non-Korean exporter or manufacturer has the option of appointing an Only Representative (OR) located in Korea. Also, the services can be obtained through a Third Party Representative (TPR) in case a non-Korean manufacturer has an office in Korea for meeting regulatory compliances.

The OR and TPR need to obtain a Power of Attorney (POA) from the manufacturer and submit the same to the Korean authority for an approval prior to submission of the data of the exporter or entity in Korea manufacturing or importing the said substance.

An earmarking difference between the Korean and the European REACH is that in Korea, it is mandatory to submit an Annual Report for substances manufactured or imported more than 1 tonne per annum into Korea. The deadline for Annual reporting such volume for a calendar is the 30th June of the next year. For instance, 30th June 2016 was the deadline to submit the annual report for the substance that was manufactured or imported into Korea in the calendar year 2015.

The Korean language is used for regulatory submissions to the authority.

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  • Korean Toxic Chemicals Control Act (TCCA)
  • OSHA

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