Pictograms on finished products and on the packaged chemicals guide us towards precautions upon its use.

How do you define correct & suitable pictogram for your product? More importantly, how do you do it if the product happens to be a mixture of more than two substances?

Yes, one needs to understand the intrinsic properties of substances in terms of its toxicological and ecotoxicological impacts and the combined effect it has on the final product and thereby deriving at the CLP for these mixtures.

  • Who should attend this course:People from Quality, Packaging, EHS, Logistics, product safety department, service providers, industry associations, government organization.
  • Industry : Chemical, Consumer, Pharmaceutical, Logistics
  • Program duration : 1 full day (10 AM to 5 PM)
  • Course deliverable :
    • Derive classification of a substance as per EC 1272/2008
    • Derive classification of mixture as per EC 1272/2008
    • Produce Labelling of substance and mixture as per EC 1272/2008
    • Various Label formats to suit packaging requirement
  • Location : open
  • Fee per participant : available on request + taxes (excluding other expenses related to travel & accommodation).

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