Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and / or Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is a well-established document prepared by the product manufacturer/supplier to inform the users towards the possible hazard and precaution that need to be taken care while handling, transporting or using the product. The format used globally comprise of 16 sections with sub-sections and has international acceptability. This document brings out the details in line with the classification labelling & packaging (CLP) and accordingly labels and hazard pictograms are positioned in the safety data sheet. Information that need to be made available through safety data sheet has to be accurate and to the best knowledge of the product manufacturer as this SDS is the only product related safe use guidance document available with the end users.

Needless to say, Safety data sheet has to be prepared as per the latest guidelines of Global Harmonized System (GHS) for classification and labelling of chemicals.

MSDS/ SDS need to be updated without undue delay when more significant new data is available for the product either through analysis and / or from qualified public domain and or due to changes in the dynamic regulatory framework. However, it is equally the responsibility of product users to read and understand the SDS, use adequate personal protective equipment (PPE’s) prior to handing the product.

Trust House Solutions can support evaluating your existing Safety data sheet and getting prepared SDS as the prevailing regulation following GHS guidelines.