The world will have no charm, for if there are no addition of colours to it, apart from the natural beauty of our very own mother earth. Life is brought to our mere existence in a much better format by the industrial sector that works day in and day out ensuring that they manufacture products in such a manner that they do not harm the very environment including, soil (land), water and the air.


Industries not only have to meet the regulatory norms as prescribed by the Statutory Bodies but also have to meet the end user’s technical specifications as well as regulatory standards. These specifications tighten the manufacturers to hire experts or resources having knowledge in their organization. For sure these in-house resources are skilled into making dyes and pigments to meet the global market demands. Believe us; Trust House Solutions stand by your side to support you for we take up all product related regulatory compliances and you manufacture consistently quality products.

We always say

“Colours that you give to this world should be true in all sense, black has all colours when mixed using the subtractive method of color combination and white following the additive method, and we make you complete”.