Trust House Solutions has excellent professional association with one of the leading K-REACH service providers and supports Exporters to Korea via this cooperation agreement. We already have made successful Annual Reporting for a good number of reputed manufacturers from the field of colorants, Life Science products and Agro products. We render services for the following and are also being engaged for registration of substances under PEC.

  • Korean Toxic Chemicals Control Act (TCCA)
  • OSHA

South Korea's Ministry of Environment(MoE) has now proposed Revision to the Act of Registration and Evaluation of Chemicals (K-REACH). Update to this will be available on their official website.

United Sates of America:

In United States of America (USA), chemical substances has to be reported under the TSCA (Toxic Substance Control Act) Chemical Data Reporting (CDR). The window for reporting opens once every four years.

The last window for reporting the reportable chemical substance in 2016 CDR submission period, was from June 1, 2016 to September 30, 2016.The reported submission then was based on production volume during any calendar year since the last principal reporting year (i.e., 2012-2015). All reporting companies must report CDR data electronically, using e-CDRweb, the CDR web-based reporting tool, and EPA’s Central Data Exchange (CDX) system. Prior to submitting data, submitters must register with CDX.

Reporting is required for all chemical substances listed on the TSCA Inventory, both organic and inorganic, other than polymers, microorganisms, naturally occurring chemical substances, certain forms of natural gas, and water (40 CFR 711.5 and 711.6) when manufacture (including import) of those chemical substances meets the other reporting requirements.

Manufacturers (including importers) reporting to CDR are required to report processing and use data, for calendar year 2015, for all reportable chemical substances when the reporting threshold of 25,000 lb (or 2,500 lb if the subject of certain TSCA actions) is met at any site during any calendar year during the submission period (2012-2015).

We always say

“Keep you export data; customer, composition, quantity, use and country wise; ready to sync with the new global regulations, which is the first step towards responsible care.”