Regulatory affairs consulting is a specialized task wherein one needs to have a resource team abreast with the latest worldwidetrends regards to the products country of manufacture, sales and or political policies that are put into practice by relevant authorities that could affect trade and business between countries.

Trust House Solutions is dedicated to provide professional advice to industries towards product-related regulatory requirements viz. registration of the substances in the country of export, submitting a product manufacturing note (PMN), checking for listing in global chemical inventory list, adequate regulatory technical support, replying to your customers and suppliers in the supply chain, and towards end-application based regulations.

Individuals from our team provide assistance or consulting for not only sourcing correct raw material but also for the vendor development. Our international marketing and business development cell helps you expand your business in the unexplored market.

We impart knowledge to customers and have established a vertical dedicated to train and develop resources. We impart reasons towards the very requirement for a specific limit set across in end application based regulation. We also train and educate people towards preparing a correct Material (M) Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and CLP (Classification Labelling & Packaging) as per GHS (Global Harmonized System).

We always say

“A consultant is always a consultant, it depends on you how you extract knowledge from them upon hiring”