Colorant industry is one of the most promising and flourishing segment who keeps themselves updated towards market demand. This industrial sector is always looking forward to bridge the gaps created on account of numerous unanswered questions from colour domain. We have a separate section to meet our customers demand through our vertical “Colour Solutions”.

Our colour solutions sections is dedicated serving industries and or organisations dealing with:

  • Paints and Coatings
  • Plastic Colour Concentrates
  • Pigment manufacturers and ink manufacturers.
  • Dyes industries for textile and plastics

THS Colour Solutions segment is positioned helping colour user groups to resolve during usage and
post usage issues related to:

  • Identifying right suppliers
  • Supplier audits
  • Specification agreement
  • Streamlining supplies
  • Supply testing services and training
  • Supply agreements and dispute resolutions
  • Root cause level exploration of your unresolved issues
  • Problem resolution using simple and repeatable techniques
  • Cost reduction approaches in color and developments
  • Test methods to replicate customer scenario.
  • Direct dialogue with customers ad and when required
  • Extensive Training of your personal at site

Our experienced technologists will help streamline recurrent quality issues through dialogue with your team. We also work with an aim reducing cost through quality process improvements .

THS colour solutions department can provide tailor made services; designed to fit in individual customers scope of work; as required for business and or meeting requirements specifically targeting open market through dialogue and mutual consent.

We always say

“Together we can make a difference to your business.”